Vascular Surgery in Hyderabad

Vinn Hospital’s Vascular surgery unit is a specialist centre for all types of diseases and problems related to the vascular system of a human body, which ideally are the arteries, veins and lymphatic system. Our unit’s vascular surgeons are some of the best in the field and are equipped to treat blood vessel, lymphatic system conditions and other vascular disorders, which are all designed to help to get patients back to their best, health-wise.

Vinn Hospital’s vascular surgery unit is equipped with the best in technology as well as in personnel, with some top cardiovascular surgeons and vascular specialists present within the group, all of which lets Vinn Hospital provide the best Vascular surgery in Hyderabad.

Some of the services provided at Vinn Hospital’s Vascular Surgery unit are as follows –

  • Reconstruction of traumatic vascular system injuries (arterial venous)
  • Management and operation of acute and chronic peripheral arterial diseases
  • Venous disease (acute, chronic )and varicose veins management like EVLT, sclerotherapy
  • Management of lymphatic system disease.
  • Complicated endovascular procedures, diagnostic and therapeutic for arterial and venous system
  • Hemangioma and AV malformation management (Surgical, endovascular, and conservative) for pediatric and adults
  • Vascular laboratory for arterial and Venous Duplex ultrasound and ABI.