Emergency and Trauma Care Unit

Emergency services at any hospital need the right equipment, expertise and swiftness in responding to cases that need immediate attention. Accidents are prone to happen as are emergency situations. The need of the hour is to have a service dedicated entirely towards solving the time crunch as well a providing the best possible care and treatments in the situation like these.

At Vinn Hospital’s Emergency & Trauma Care Unit, we have the most comprehensive technology backing the top experts, who are trained and skilled to manage situations of any magnitude. We believe in saving time, and when the time is of the essence, we are responsible enough to take matters into our hands, in a reliable and sensible manner.

The technology in communications help us monitor and keep track of patients arriving at Vinn Hospital’s Emergency and Trauma Care Unit, by way of our 24-hour ambulance services. The ambulances too are of the most modern varieties. No wonder we have one of the best Emergency and Trauma Care Units in Hyderabad.

Our emergency services are driven by scientifically advanced, protocol oriented methods, with the many technologies offering the latest monitoring and imaging equipment support. Our services at the Emergency and Trauma Care Unit are available 24/7 as are the professionals who are responsible for handling the many cases that arrive.

The patient services include –
  • Level-1 Trauma Care
  • Advanced Cardiac Care
  • Mother and Child Care
  • Stroke centre.

The benefits of choosing Vinn Hospital as the preferred 24-hour trauma and emergency care cannot be neglected. Start with the modern facilities to the expertise available on immediate notice, or take the responsiveness of the team as well as the total care on offer. Additionally, our facilities compliment emergencies of any magnitude, especially with a critical care unit with a 250-bed capacity, goes a long way in making Vinn Hospital, the best Emergency & Trauma Care unit in Hyderabad.

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