Pioneering Treatment: A full scope of services for patients in need of various transplant

“Highly qualified team of medical staff experienced in multi-organ transplantation.”

Successfully Treating:

  • Acute Myelogeneous Leukemia
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Severe Defects of the Urinary Tract

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Services Offered


We achieve best possible results through our effective & planned treatment

Transplant Care Offers
Expertise In

Innovation in surgical techniques – Laparoscopic surgery

Live- and Cadaver-donor transplantation – for Liver & Kidney Transplant

Multidisciplinary team approach

Multi-organ transplants

Paired Donation

Paediatric Transplants

Regenerative Medicine

Transplant Research

High-End Technology & Equipment

24×7 high-end blood bank

HEPA filter positive pressure rooms

Shortest TAT with advanced microbiology support

ID control team

Food Sterilizer

High-Efficiency- Stem Cell Harvesting Equipment

3 Level Barrier Protection

Protocol based on minimal HC measures

About Our Services

The Department of Transplant Care at Vinn Hospital which is well known as best transplant Hospitals in Hyderabad has the infrastructure, technological, surgical & clinical expertise to achieve best possible results through effective & planned transplant procedure and ensure best care to transplant patients. Our transplant clinic, that has multidisciplinary team including cardiologists, hepatologists, nephrologists, pathologists, hematologists, transplant surgeons, radiologists, pulmonary and critical care specialists; psychologists and psychiatrists; anesthesiologists and endocrinologists evaluate & treat both adults & pediatric transplantation.

Industry’s best infection control in Bone Marrow and Transplant ICUs

The OT is uniquely co-located with the CSSD and the transplant ward – to ensure zero non-sterile movement for vulnerable patient or material. Bone marrow Transplant, Organ Transplant wards have been uniquely designed with dedicated single pass air change through HEPA-filter and a class 10000 clean area to avoid air-borne infection. Strict SOPs and IT backed infrastructure allow continuous remote monitoring and minimal man-material movement within the Transplant ICUs.

Cost / Estimate Of Treatment
Vinn Hospital is one of the best transplant hospitals in Hyderabad, and we take our customer queries very seriously. To know more about the cost of transplant surgery for the various procedures, please contact us at