Tuberculosis is a chronic disease which affects the lungs and causes a problem in the respiratory system. Tb can affect any individual of any age around the world. This has become a global killer as people are hugely affected by TB around the world. Tuberculosis treatment can be performed with the use of medications and antibiotics. There are about 20 medications which are available today in the market to cure tuberculosis. Tb treatment can be categorized into 2 sectors: medications & specialists treatments. In medication, there is a various combination of antibiotics used to cure tuberculosis. Tb symptoms and treatment may vary according to the condition of the patients. The symptoms of tuberculosis are chronic coughing, coughing up blood, chest pain, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite.

Precaution after treatment

Precautions after TB treatments include regular checkups to ensure that TB is fully cured. Also it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tb treatment in Hyderabad is available at many hospitals. Some of the famous hospitals for tuberculosis treatment in hyderabad are Parthiv lung cancer and government TB clinic. Due to the advancement in technology, there are various treatment methods which are available in almost every other hospital to cure TB.

Types of Tuberclosis

There are basically 2 types of TB i.e: latent TB infection and TB disease. In the latent infection state, a bacteria may remain in your body without showing any symptoms. In case of TB disease you will encounter with some symptoms such as fever, chills, loss of appetite. Tb can be treated by taking a combination of medicines prescribed by the doctors. TB is a disease which needs continuous pulmonary tuberculosis treatment. This disease is chronic and one must take precautions even after the treatment of tuberculosis.

How to Diagnose Tuberclosis?

A simple skin test is the most common method of testing tuberculosis. Some other tests are also performed in order to diagnose tuberculosis. Blood tests, an imaging test, sputum tests are the tests performed in order to detect tuberculosis. The most common drugs used to treat tuberculosis are isoniazid, rifampin, ethambutol, pyrazinamide. There are also several side effects of the treatment of tuberculosis such as nausea, loss of appetite, yellow color skin, and dark urine. Even after getting your tuberculosis treated you must take precautions and look for the above mentioned after effects of the treatment.

How to recover from Tuberclosis?

In order to bid a permanent bye to tuberculosis, you must complete the treatment properly. Many times people see results easily and leave the treatment midways which eventually make tuberculosis reoccur soon. People who are having the symptoms should consult a doctor in order to start the treatment as soon as possible. Tuberculosis is harmful as it is chronic and can reoccur if the precautions are n’t taken. People who are suffering from tuberculosis should consider the treatment seriously in order to treat the condition well. Tuberculosis symptoms and treatment are widely available in hospitals today making it easier for people to seek consultation.