Breast reduction surgery as the name suggests us surgery one undergoes to reduce the size of their breasts. This surgery is technically known as reduction mammaplasty. Large and bulky breasts may cause discomfort and thus one may opt for the surgical methods according to their convenience. The reduction in the size of the breasts is done by removing some tissues and tissues from the breasts.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Improved appearance
    Cosmetic surgery is more often for personal satisfaction of good looks rather a very ‘necessary’ operation. This is a class of surgery that you are willing to do in order to achieve the desired figure and good looks. Cosmetic surgery are widely famous for improving your appearance.


  • Get rid of skin irritation
    Large breasts become a constant concern when the skin around the area gets itchiness and irritation simply because your breasts are large. A reduction mammaplasty will definitely resolve the issue.


  • Relieve yourself of the constant neck pain and back pain
    For a person with a lean built , having large breasts are a constant problem. One because they do not fit in with the proportions of your body and two because simply their weight causes strain on your back and neck arousing pain in the mentioned areas. You may also feel heavy and have breathing issues. Get a surgery done and ease your pain and the extra weight.


Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

Reduction mammoplasty can be done by adopting two different methods.

  • 1. Traditional surgical methods
    Removal of excess tissue and skin from the breasts can be done by traditional surgical methods i.e by performing incisions and cutting out the excess amount which reduces the size to the desired level. The incisions can be made in two ways : the inverted-T breast reduction ( involves 3 incisions to be made, more tissue is easily removed, chances of more scarring of the skin) and the vertical breast reduction ( two incisions are made, less tissue is removed, less scarring of skin occurs)


  • 2. Reduction by liposuction
    The breast reduction can be performed by various methods of liposuction which melts away the excess fat present under the breasts. It is to be noted, however that this process is not suitable for everyone.
Consult your doctor for the best method suitable for you.

Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

The exact cost for a breast reduction surgery will depend upon the size difference you want to achieve. Other factors that influence the cost are the methods you opt for, the clinic or hospital charges, the experience and skills of the doctor and also the location where the surgery will be done. In India, the cost ranges between 90,000-1 lac.



A breast reduction surgery is considered to be quite safe in comparison to a breast augmentation procedure, and it has a high customer satisfaction rate. However, you need to be aware of the risks that are associated with it.

  • Scarring: A surgery without a sar is inevitable. With all the incisions being made on your skin, minor scarring are sure to occur which you will not like.
  • Pain : You are likely to experience pain after the operation and it may become persistent in some cases.
  • Skin discoloration, swelling and bruising are common after effects that cause discomfort
  • Asymmetric breasts: Post-surgery, you may feel your breasts feel firm and asymmetric.
  • Damage to deeper tissues and structures: In the process of reduction, significant amount of tissue and skin is removed. This may result in damage to nerves, blood cells and the adjoining areas such as the lungs and heart.
  • Breastfeeding inability : Post surgery, after the removal of breast tissue, you may not be able to breastfeed your child as the ability of mammary glands may be permanently br damaged. Thus , it is always advised to postpone a breast reduction surgery during pregnancy .