Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery which is done to increase the size and shape of the breasts by using implants. The implants could be made of silicone gel or fat deposits and the implants come in different shapes and sizes.The surgery procedure aids in increasing the volume of the breasts which may have occurred due to pregnancy or weight loss. It rectifies the asymmetry present between the breasts. It is also known as augmentation mammoplasty.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

  • Enhanced appearance
    Any kind of cosmetic surgery always aims at enhancing your appearance and thus becoming more confident about your looks.
  • Development of breasts
    While many cases are just for aesthetic reasons, yet a breast augmentation surgery is also performed for underdeveloped breasts. The implants are choose according to the appropriate symmetry and proportions for a good appearance.
  • Correction of deflated breasts
    Changes in lifestyle or age may lead to the sagging and deflation of breasts. Breastfeeding also contributes to the same. This condition can be treated by augmentation. In addition to it, breast lifting can also be carried out if the need arises.


How is a Breast Augmentation Done?

For the procedure of breast augmentation, you will be given anesthesia and sedation so that you do not feel any pain during the procedure. Incisions will be made to place the implants. The incisions made will be in accordance to the size of the implants that you have discussed with your doctor. Incisions will be made in areas where the scarring of skin is less visible (if any).

After the incisions, the next step is to insert the implant and place it in the correct position. The implants will be placed either behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscles. After successfully placing the implants, the incisions are closed with appropriate suture and surgical adhesive.


Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

The cost of a breast augmentation surgery depends on many factors such as the location, the clinic, the doctor and his team, various medical tests, the implants chosen:its shape and sizes etc. In India the average cost range is around 1.5 lakh.


All kinds of surgery are always associated with risks and breast augmentation is no exception in the matter. The enhanced good looks that you want may cost you dear in future, therefore you need to decide wisely before deciding to volunteer for your body parts to be operated upon. There are certain risks that are sure to occur after a certain period of time after a breast augmentation procedure.
Some risks that usually occur have been listed here:

  • Long period for healing after operation
    Breasts are tender and sensitive parts of your body and once an implant has been made, your body will need time to heal naturally. It is a slow process and you need to stay away from any kind of exercise that puts strain on your body.
  • Scars
    Post surgery, there the cuts that were made if done inefficiently are likely to leave scars on your body which you are not going to happy about.
  • Faulty implants
    Although utmost care is taken for the procedure, it can be a great pain if the implants are made in the wrong position. It may cause an infection and fluid accumulation in the breasts too. You will need to revise your surgery under such cases.
  • Pain
    Sometimes the implants that has been made may leak and the fluid will accumulate causing persistent pain and bleeding. The skin around the implant wrinkles and it the end result is ‘more pain’ than gain.