One–on–one talk with a dietitian provide an opportunity to discuss your needs and establish a nutritional plan personalized for you.

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A balanced diet encompassing proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals is important for optimum health and mental well-being. It improves general health, immunity, and nutritional status of an individual by fulfilling the daily requirement of nutrients for the body. Healthy eating habits ensure healthy life. Furthermore, balanced nutrition ensures proper growth, immunity, normal reproduction, organ development and the body’s ability to repair the damage or injury.

In a nutshell, healthy nutrition ensures healthy life by providing more energy, improving immunity, improving physical and mental well-being, which ultimately results in improved productivity at work.

Services offered

  • Nutrition Counselling for pregnant women
  • Nutrition Counselling for cancer patients
  • Alcoholic De-addiction programmes
  • Anti-smoking nutrition counselling
  • Nutrition counselling for children and adults
  • Nutrition counselling for obese individuals
Cost / Estimate Of Treatment
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