Best Neurology Hospital in Hyderabad

The Neurology unit is a branch of Vinn Hospital that expertly deals with diseases and disorders related to the nervous system. Your brain is quite extraordinary, with around more than a hundred billion neurons present here. These neurons are highly capable of generating their impulses as well as receiving and transmitting the many pulses from cells nearby. Over time, or due to multiple conditions and combinations, these neurons might have certain kind of dysfunctionality within them, thus causing trouble with either the central, peripheral or autonomic nervous system.

Some of the main areas of focus for the neurology department are those three systems mentioned above, as well as dealing with structural and functional disorders of the nervous system. These could range from congenital disabilities to degenerative diseases, for instance, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s diseases.

At Vinn Hospital’s Neurology department, we offer specialised care for neurological disorders. We have present among us some of the best doctors who specialise in the many treatments involving the neurology department. Brain tumours, degenerative spinal diseases, movement disorders, as well as congenital anomalies of the spine and brain are some of the key health conditions that we specialise in. We are also well-equipped to treat neurovascular diseases or trauma of the spine and brain.

Our neurologists also collaborate with other specialists of VINN Hospitals to provide care for patients. Some of the surgeries that are performed by our experts in the Neurology/Neurosurger department are:

  • Vascular Surgery
  • Stereotactic Surgery
  • Micro-neurosurgery
  • Epilepsy surgery
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Management of serious neuropathies
  • Spine Surgery
  • Intensive Trauma Management
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Craniofacial Resection for advanced cancer
Technology & Facilities:
  • Epilepsy management, combined heart attack, brain attack (stroke) and neuralgias
  • Round-the-clock trauma care services dedicated ICUs
  • Supervision of all kinds of tumours and spine disorders, and hemorrhagic strokes
  • Expertly combined surgeries for carotid and coronary arteries
  • 24/7 availability of CT scan and extended MRI scan
  • OT equipped with the operating microscope, high-speed drills and micro instruments
Key Conditions:
  • Stroke
  • Cerebrovascular Diseases and Critical Care
  • Child and Adolescent Neurology
  • Epilepsy
  • Headache
  • Movement Disorders
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Neuroimmunology
  • Neuro-infectious Disease
  • Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Pain
  • Peripheral Nerve
  • Sleep/Coma
  • Spine
  • Haemorrhage
  • Neuropathies
  • Brain and spinal cord tumours
  • Dementia
  • ALS

Vinn Hospital’s Neurology and Neurosurgery department is already considered one of the best hospitals for Neurosurgery in Hyderabad for its extensive range of services, as well as the treating surgeons who have been renowned in the field of neurosurgery.

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