Best Kidney Hospital in Hyderabad

The Department of Nephrology at Vinn Hospital involves in the study of kidneys and provides solution against problems related to it. The kidneys act in filtering out waste products and excess water from our body, which is why it is vital it keeps functioning normally. Their functionality is, however, not restricted to waste filtering, but also have a crucial role in retaining fluid intake, maintaining electrolytes levels in the body.

The Nephrology department at Vinn hospital is well equipped to diagnose as well as treat all kinds of kidney diseases. Kidney diseases come in a wide range and to understand each of them correctly, we have a reliable team of experts who are by far the best nephrologists in Hyderabad, including providing care for patients who need kidney replacement procedure or dialysis.

At this unit, the kidney specialists of Hyderabad are committed to providing the best possible for their patients. Below are some of the most essential and vital treatments offered at the Nephrology department –

  • Diabetic nephropathy
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • End-stage renal disease patients(ESRD) on haemodialysis
  • Chronic transplant care
  • Treatment of Glomerulonephritis, and other autoimmune diseases
  • Evaluation and treatment of kidney stones related issues
  • Electrolyte disorders
Our services include:
  • Daily rounds by our in-house team of nephrologists
  • Dietician consultation
  • Educating patients with regards to fluid management and electrolytes.
  • Educating the patients on nutritional information
  • Annual evaluation and consulting with the most appropriate referral for kidney transplantation

Vinn Hospital’s nephrology department offers the most comprehensive treatments for all sorts of kidney disorders. To take care of the patient is our primary objective and our specialists are always available to provide with the most appropriate consultation and supervision.

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