An emergency can happen anytime. It can be an injury or it can be an elevated breathing condition, pain in your chest and so much more. At that point of time, quick reaction to this needs to be taken in order to prevent further or any kind of damage to the patient.

Even a minute of delay might trigger a dangerous condition for the patient. We at Vinn Hospitals have a quick response team of experienced professionals who will make sure an emergency does not become a delay and we will take care of any formality which needs to be done, making sure that the patient gets the care he or she needs and on time or even before.

Vinn Hospital in Hyderabad, gives round-the-clock crisis administrations, with an department that is completely prepared and overseen by a committed group of qualified emergency care professionals. A well-structured and defined emergency system we provide helps to improve efficiency of rescue efforts. This incorporates upgraded medical aid and enhanced coordination among the hospital staff engaged with adapting to crisis circumstances.

The hospital is equipped with advanced emergency support equipment and a dedicated emergency minor operation. Our forte lies in the comprehensive coverage to handle the critical golden hour in cardiac and neurological emergencies. Our group of intensivists, basic care attendants, specialists and experts guarantee quality care to every patient separately, all round the day.