Critical Care and Pain Management Unit

In the light of modern methods in medical care and treating illness of different kinds, there is a commitment needed from hospitals to cater to the smallest needs of patients. Critical Care & Pain Management is an area where time is the essence. With every second ticking, the patient is counting on the expertise and services of the hospital. Critical Care and Pain Management is all about taking into consideration that a life is at risk, and accordingly providing the best treatment possible within the timeframe one can afford.

We, at Vinn Hospital have chosen the best staff, doctors and specialists to attend to the patients being admitted to the Critical Care & Pain Management unit. We are a 24/7 facility and the ready availability of doctors, specialists and nurses to cater to patient needs of all kinds, as well as providing with the most comprehensive treatments and care has seen us grow to become one of the top hospitals. Our critical care and pain management unit treats and controls a variety of diseases, pain and conditions that are not measured by the complexity it might bring to the table, but by our focus and readiness to accept the challenge in treating them.

Pain management is the other important factor of this critical care and intensive care unit, with our experts, anesthesiologists and other doctors capable of treating patients with a wide range of conditions that might induce pain. At VINN Hospitals, we provide treatments for pain associated with a variety of acute and chronic state of pain, which could be based on Musculoskeletal, Neuropathic or Cancer etiologies.

The provision of 250-beds in the Critical Care Unit department, helps us cater to the many patients, and widening our scope of treatments offered. Despite a large number of beds, we have the necessary technology, personnel and expertise to treat patients and provide the care required for their well-being.

As part of pain management and critical care medicine, we have a comprehensive team of anesthesiologists, one that is advanced in the use of different types of anaesthesia, as our patients are admitted under different specialities including Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Orthopaedics, Neurology and Neurosurgery. Our Clinical anaesthesia services include –

  • Critical care patient management
  • Regional and general anaesthetics
  • Preoperative medical / surgical evaluation
  • Chronic pain management
  • Postoperative pain management
  • Emergency services
  • Clinical treatment priorities

At Vinn hospital, along with the complete team forming the Critical Care and Pain Management unit, the presence of some leading Anaesthesiologists makes the group a whole force. Anaesthesia services are provided according to the requirements of each patient.

The critical care and pain management unit at Vinn Hospitals provide with the best of care, aided by technological advancement and personnel, capable of dealing with all kinds of situations. The patient’s needs are put in front and thus allows us to treat each patient carefully, managing their condition and providing the best care for their health and well being possible.

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