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Back in 2012, when Dr Vinayak Pampati, right after earning his advanced degree, straight away knew in his mind a goal for his future. The same future was a plan to introduce and execute facilities for his beloved City of Hyderabad and its people that will provide health care of world-class quality, something the city has never seen before.

Dr Pampati has dedicated his life not only in the pursuit of medicine but as a leading man to provide with healthcare solutions to the people who most importantly deserve to be among those in India’s other cities and deserve the same quality of treatments and facilities for their many health care issues.

Today, that plan has seen fruition in the form of Vinn Multispeciality Hospital, a one of a kind facility with the best doctors, specialists and skilled staff, who are dedicated to providing the people of Hyderabad with the best medical and healthcare solutions, which the city has never seen before.

Vinn Hospital is a complete facility with state of the art technology and equipment, along with the best doctors, specialised in the many areas of treatments we provide. We take pride in calling ourselves a multi-speciality hospital, for reasons that we offer almost everything under one roof. From Cardiology to cancer care; from an array of medical treatments and attention to the most astute surgical procedures, making Vinn Hospital a one-stop solution to all medical problems. Apart from these, we also have dental, eye and children care units available at our, 250-bed facility in Hyderabad.

We aim to provide the best treatments, with the world-class quality for our patients and in the process of doing so, never compromise on matters that might not adhere to the well being of the patients. For you can trust in us, our doctors and the many experienced support staff, and let us take care of you with the aim of providing the best results for your well being and a bright future.


“If there is anything that I have been waiting for, my son, it is this.”
It was on an autumn evening in the year 2012. I had just earned my advanced degree and I knew that I was committed to dedicating my life not only to the pursuit of medicine but I was also ready to take on the reins of leadership to ensure the introduction of world-class healthcare in Hyderabad, the likes of which have never been seen before.
Hearing my father say these words, was all I could ever ask for. Given his gentle but firm nature, I have always had the utmost reverence and respect for him. All through my life, he gave me the guidance, strength and space to grow, develop and become who I had to become. When I shared my ambitions with him that evening, little did I know that this was his dream decades before it became mine. VINN Hospital is not born from want or desire. It is the child of an undeniable need. VINN is so much more than a dream. It enshrines the vision every Hyderabadi unilaterally shares.
Far too often have we witnessed the propagation of healthcare entities mushrooming out of market opportunity and commercial interest. Far too often have we seen and suffered from their ignoble motives. When it came to healthcare, everything we have always wished for and imagined has been everything the ersatz system and its petty players have consistently denied. Why is it that we need to look overseas for that which is a hundred percent possible right here in the proud heartland of wisdom and intelligence?
We have, as Hyderabadis, always venerated the immense pedestal of our magnificent past and it is up to us to recreate, safeguard and uphold this timeless tradition of honour and pride in our healthcare sector as well. If we have been known to have never compromised in the annals of our history, it is thus our onus to espouse this very spirit in the modern battlefields of our times. To defeat the adversaries of disease, decay and degeneration, we must embrace the essence of who we have always been, as an indefatigable race that defines triumph.
The ancient masters of medicine always knew that pills and decoctions alone were never enough. They knew that knowledge honed to the level of expertise had to be combined with genuine compassion, coherence and care. They knew that by tapping into the natural flow of energies provided by the right atmosphere and ambience, enhanced all efforts of recovery and restoration. These are the principles that are powerfully entrenched in the cornerstone of VINN Hospital’s existence. It is from these enduring dogmas that our every thought, word and action will be defined.
This is my promise to my father. It shall remain my commitment to you. VINN Hospital is here for every Hyderabadi. Here, for good !

Vinayak Pampati


  • Dr.Rajesh Vukkala

    Sr. Consultant - Physician
    Dept.of General Medicine
  • Dr. Umesh T.

    MBBS., MD., DM (Neurology)., DNB(Neurology), Chief of clinical servies,
    Senior consultant - Neurologist
  • Dr. Sridevi Gutta

    MBBS, MS (OBG), Fellowhip in Gynaec-Oncology
    Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
    Dept of OBG
  • Dr Raghavender

    MBBS, MD
  • Dr. Sasidhar

    Dept. of Nephrology
  • Dr. Rohan. P . Reddy

    MBBS, MD, DM (Medical GE)
    Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist
    Dept. of Gastroenterology
  • Dr.Ajay

    Consultant Facio-maxillary&Dental Surgeon
    Dept. of Oral & Facio-Maxillary Surgery
  • Dr.Mahindra

    General & Laproscopic Surgeon
  • Dr. Yousra

    M.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition
  • Dr. Mudumala Issac Abhilash

    MBBS, MD, DM (Medical GE)
    Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist
    Dept. of Gastroenterology
  • Dr. V. Koteshwara Prasad

    M.B.B.S, M.S (Ortho) , Mch(Ortho), Hip and Knee replacement surgeon
  • Dr. Keerthikar Reddy K

    M.s (Ortho), Mch(ortho) U.K Consultant Joint Replacement & Arthoscopic , Sports surgery.